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Ram 1500 Bilstein Conversion Kit (2013 - 2018)

Original price $1,899.00 - Original price $2,147.00
Original price
Current price $1,899.00

Fits 2013 - 2018 Ram 1500 4x4 & 2wd (including Rebel) 

Our most popular seller!  This kit uses Bilstein struts and shocks with our springs, mounts and isolators.

You can choose your desired front ride height and we will build a kit specifically to suit your needs.  Options include stock height, +0.7", +1.4" and +2.1" (leveling kit height). Rear ride height will remain at OEM height or can be optionally upgraded to +1".


  • Bilstein front struts
  • Front coil springs
  • Front upper strut mounts
  • Upper strut spacer
  • Standard rear coil springs or +35% capacity
  • Bilstein rear shocks
  • Rear isolators
  • OptionalFront coil spring covers (Recommended for off road or gravel use!)


  • 2013-2018 Ram 1500
  • 2019-2020 Ram 1500 Classic (5 bolt wheel only)

*Fits all trim levels including Rebel, Laramie, Longhorn and Limited.

*Note: If your truck is a Rebel, your front ride height is already approximately 0.7” taller than the other trim levels.  Please choose the +0.7” option to maintain your stock front ride height.  Rear ride height is the same as non-Rebels.

*Optional Rear Spring - If you tow often, tow heavier weight occasionally or if you occasionally have payload in the box, we would recommend the rear spring upgrade. The standard springs have excellent ride quality but do not handle weight well. Our upgraded rear spring is designed to maintain ride quality while also improving your trucks ability to carry weight.

Note - If you choose to upgrade to the JBA Upper Control arms, please be aware that they are larger and much stronger than stock, and as a result they do have slightly reduced clearance between the tire and the upper balljoint.  If you choose to run wider than stock tires while still retaining the stock wheels, you may require wheel spacers to clear the upper control arm.  Most aftermarket wheels have decreased offset and will clear wider tires without any issues.

Note - All of our kits include the use of a programming tool which allows you to remove the "Immediate Air Suspension Service/Repair Required" message from the dashboard.  We don't use cheap and unreliable relays like our competitors.  Our programming tool is designed to modify the calibration of the BCM so that the truck thinks it never came with air suspension from the factory.  This is a permanent solution.

If you'd like to get a programming tool with your kit, please select "Yes, I'd like to borrow a programming tool on the option above".  This is a $300 refundable charge which will allow us to include the programming tool with your order.  We really try hard to keep costs down for our customers, so these are supplied on a deposit "rental" basis.  When you're done installing your kit and the programming is done, mail us back the programmer and we will happily refund you the $300 deposit.